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|HW: 350 lb|SW (8/6/12): 329.8 lb|
|CW: 242 lb|TL: 108 lb|

I spent 10 years dieting unsuccessfully and the minute you tell yourself you’re on a diet, you know that all you’re thinking about are all the things that are off limits, all the things you’re depriving yourself. You’re completely obsessed and FOOD becomes the powerhouse, not you.

Daphne Oz on The Chew which aired today (10/4/2012).   

Truer words have never been spoken.  I absolutely love The Chew for so many reasons. The food always looks delicious. Carla from Top Chef is so sassy and amazing.  Did I mention the food? But then there are moments like this.  They may not be talking about the presidential debate, they may not be talking about ANYTHING of “importance,” but sometimes I feel at home with them. I feel like I get them. I understand their love of food,  love of cooking, love of drinking wine, and love of hanging out with some of your friends.  Such a great show! Thanks Anna for turning me on to it! :-) 

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  4. annafoos said: Moments like that made me fall in love with the show and daphne. I was really turned off by her cause I thought she was riding on her father’s coat tales and maybe she is a little but I really connect with her now. I think I want to get her book.
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